Sunday, 3 March 2013

Blogger app test

With all this new-fangled technology, I am therefore testing posting via my iPhone app!

Lollipop Stick Shapes

Here's an idea I just had to put into practice! I found it here and adapted it slightly for my own ends.
Lollipop Stick Shapes
Lollipop Stick Shapes
First, the children who were present sorted the sticks into their colours and then counted them according to the numbers on the sticks to check they were all there. They then found the matching coloured shape and attempted to border the shapes. My 3 year old, as usual, decided it would be a good idea to throw the lollipop sticks around the room, but we were able to gather them and check they were all there by counting the numbers again! Needless to say the event was accompanied by us singing renditions of the song 'Lollipop'!

The blogs that exist out there

Where to start? All I know is that there are loads of great blogs out there which showcase some really great craft ideas for kids. The vast majority if them have an educational element to them and those that I find that stand out to me will be referenced here for you to see.